Gerret Stoffelse van Sand (also known as the Bucks County Pennsylvania line)

Gerret Stoffelse, also known as Gerret Stoffelszen, was born in April 1644, in Amsterdam, Dutch Republic (today's Netherlands). He was the son of Christoffel Harmenss (or Harmenszen), born about 1618, probably in Kleverins (Cleverns) near Jever, in Ostfriesland (East Frisia, Germany), and Moeder Gerrits. Moeder was Christoffel's first wife whom he married in Amsterdam June 28, 1643. She was baptized in Amsterdam November 2, 1623 and buried there July 17, 1644 at the Saint Anthony's burial grounds. Moeder was the daughter of Gerrit Janszen and Vroutgen Pieters. Stoffel died in September 1655 in New Amsterdam.

Gerret came to New Amsterdam in the spring of 1652. He settled in the village of New Utrecht, which is part of Brooklyn on Long Island. Garrett married Elizabeth (Lysbeth) Cornelius and had eleven children. In the late 1690's, he and several of his sons began purchasing large tracts of land in Bucks County, PA. It was also about this time that Gerret Stoffelse and his sons started using the surname of van Sand or van Sant. Since Gerret and several of his adult sons moved to Bucks County about 1698, this group became known as the Bucks County line. However, it should be noted that a few of Gerret's sons continued to migrate south and settled in Delaware and Maryland.

Gerret and Lyseth had two daughters, Tryntje and Jesinah, and one son, Josias, who died at a young age or who did not marry. Their other eight sons, who grew to maturity and married, have descendants living in almost every state of our nation. Gerret died prior to June 20, 1706. The eight sons include:

  1. Stoffel married Annetje Jansz about 1692 in New Utrecht and had three children. After Annetje's death, Stoffel married Rachel Corsen (aka (Raeghel Courson) and had a large family. Stoffel and Annetje's son Stoffel moved to Connecticut and was the father of John who eventually settled in New Jersey and became the ancestor of most of the Van Sants now living in South Jersey. Stoffel and Rachel's son Joshua settled in Maryland. In 1706, Stoffel purchased 300 acres of land in Middletown, Bucks County, PA from Henry Paulin. Stoffel was named in honor of Gerret's father, Christoffel Harmenszen.
  2. Cornelius married twice and moved to Maryland. He was buried in 1734 at Welsh Tract, Cecil County, Maryland. Cornelius was named in honor of his mother's father, Cornelius Janszen Van Ooten.
  3. Born Harmen Gerritse, Harmen married three times and is the Vansant ancestor of most of the Van Sants who still live in Southeastern Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey. Harmen was likely named in honor of his father, Gerret's, grandfather, Harmen.
  4. Albertus or Albert married twice and settled in New Castle, Delaware.
  5. Johannes, or John, married Leah Groesbeck and died in his early thirties. He died in Bensalem, Bucks County, PA leaving a few minor children.
  6. Jacobus married Rebecca Vandegrift. They had a large family that had roots in Southampton Twp., Bucks County.
  7. Joris (George) married Micah (Maike) Vandegrift (sister to Rebecca who was married to Joris' brother Jacobus). Joris and Micah had at least thirteen children and settled in Kent County, Maryland.
  8. Garret, the youngest born in 1691, married Clauchey, settled in Wrightown Twp., Bucks County, and had two sons and three daughters. His son Cornelius left no issue and son, Garret had three daughters; therefore the Vansant name did not continue in this line.