Jacobus and Jannetje Lucas Van Zauen

Jacobus and Jannetje were the earliest ancestors of yet another family group who eventually adopted the name Van Zant/Van Zandt as their official spelling. Similar to the Adam Wensel line, the Van Zauens originated in Holland where Jacobus Van Zauen was born in 1657.

This family appears to have changed the spelling of the last name with each generation or so until Isaac Henry, born 01/22/1843, died 05/24/1915, used Van Zant as his last name and Robert Lee, born 11/28/1867, died 12/21/1927, started using the name Van Zandt.

Jacobus Van Zauen was born in 1657 in Ransdorph, Holland. We do not know the names of his parents. He arrived in New Amsterdam in 1677. He was married to Jannetje Lucas 08/25/1678. Their children were: Lucas, b.02/21/1680; Tryntje, b. 12/03/1681; Jacob, b. 04/07/1684, and Jannetje, b. 09/03/1693.

Jacob Van Zauen, born 04/07/1684 in New Amsterdam, NY, married Rachel Bougaert, 08/25/1705. Their children: Jacob, b. 11/17/1706; Jan, 07/01/1711; Jannetje, 08/08/1714; Isack, 05/05/1717; Augenitie, 08/02/1719; Lucas, 08/12/1722, and Marytye, 03/00/1725.

Isack , born 05/05/1717 in New York State, who now spelled his name Van Saen, married Maria Demarest, 09/20/1739. Their children, whose last name is "Van Saen": Jacob, b. 05/04/1740; Zyske, 01/01/1742; Samuel, 12/11/1743; Lucas, 08/17/1746; Liba, 05/26/1751, and Ragen, 07/27/1755.

Jacob Van Saen, b. 05/04/1740 in Hackensack, NJ, d. 11/19/1819, married Hester Goetschius, 12/14/1760. Their children all have "Van Saun" as their last name: Ragen, b. 11/19/1763 d. 1789; Elizabeth, 12/31/1765; Sietsje, b. 04/25/1770, d. 04/12/1860; Isack, b. 11/03/1772, d. 02/10/1844; Hendrikus, b. 01/15/1777; Augenitie (Agnes), b. 08/05/1784, d. 12/21/1862; Maria, b. 06/27/17??; Jan, b. 09/20/1790; Gietsje, b. 03/04/1767.

Hendrikus Van Saun, b. 01/15/1777 in New Jersey, married Marie Zabriskie.

In the next generation on record we find Henry J. Van Saan, b. 12/31/1814 in Spring Valley, NJ, the son of Isack Van Saan and Catherine Van Beuren, who married Ruth Fredericks on 12/31/1835. Henry was a farmer with real estate values of $3,500 in 1850 and $10,000 in 1860. They had seven children: Levi Van Saun, b. 06/27/1836 d. 05/24/1904; Isaac Henry Van Zant, b. 01/22/1843 d. 5/24/1915; Elizabeth Van Saun, b. 1846, d. 1882; Catherine Van Saun, b. 1848; Margaret Van Saun, b. 1850; John N. Van Saun, b. 1854; Hester Van Saun, b. 03/22/1856.

Levi Van Saun, b. 06/27/1836 in New Barbadoes, NJ, married Frances M. Outwater 01/28/58. Levi served in the Civil War as a private in Co. C, regiment 22. As "Levi Van Zant" he served his nine months from September 1 to June 25, 1863. He died 05/24/1904. They had three children: Annie Outwater Van Saun, b. 09/13/1860, d. 12/21/1932; Newtown Isaac Van Saun, b. 10/15/1862, d. 1939, and Robert Lee Van Zandt, b. 11/28/1867, d. 12/21/1927.

Newton Isaac Van Saun, b. 10/15/1862 in Lodi, NJ, d. 08/08/39, married Hannah Melissa Winters 11/02/87. Newton was a deacon in the First Baptist Church, passing the silver collection plate every Sunday. They had two children: Harold Leroy Van Zandt, b. 08/16/1890, d. 04/04/1928, and Mildred Aletta VanZandt, b. 11/09/1894, d. 10/24/1938.

Harold Leroy Van Zandt, b. 08/16/1890, Hackensack, NJ, d. 04/04/1928, married Katherine Saunders on 06/21/1920. Harold was known as the greatest athlete ever to wear the blue and gold of Hackensack High School. While in high school Harold was offered the opportunity to pitch for the New York Giants. He turned it down, preferring a business career. Their children: Harold Leroy VanZandt Jr., b. 10/07/1921; Robert Newtown Van Zandt, b. 06/19/1924, d. 08/08/1983, and William Brewster VanZandt, b. 10/11/1928.

William Brewster VanZandt, b. 10/11/1928, Hackensack, NJ married Mary H. Lento, 03/29/1949. Their children: Steven Van Zandt, b. 11/22/1950; William Van Zandt, b. 12/13/1957, and Kathi Van Zandt, b. 04/17/1961.

William (Billy) Van Zandt, b. 12/13/1957 in Red Bank, NJ married actress Adrienne Barbeau. Their twin sons, William and Walker Van Zandt, were born 3/17/1997. The birth announcement, with photographs appeared on page 9 of the Spring 1997 Van Zandt Record.

Billy Van Zandt is a very successful writer/producer of such successful sitcoms as Bob Newhart's "Newhart". He has become one of the most successful playwrights in the United States and Canada. Billy was offered his first film role in "Jaws 2" and went on to roles in "Taps", "Skag," and "Star Trek - the Motion Picture". He also had a recurring role on the "New Odd Couple" television show.