Adam Wensel van Santen

The Adam Wensel line (or the New York line, as we sometimes call it) descends from Adam Wensel van Santen, who set out for New Amsterdam (New York) from Holland in 1658. He died, either aboard ship or shortly after arrival and his family descends through the only son of whom we have record, Johannes.

Johannes, b. ca. 1657, married Margaret Vanderpoel October 20, 1681 in Albany, NY. Johannes supposedly had a first wife whose name was Margaret Wynants. However, the Dutch patronymic tradition of using a form of the father's first name after one's given name may explain why Margaret was shown as Wynants on some records. It is now believed that the two wives were probably the same person, since Margaret Vanderpoel's father was Wynant Vanderpoel.

Johannes had seven daughters: Ytje (Ida), Jannetje (died young), Jannetje, Catherine, Margaret, Maria, and Cornelia (died young). He had five sons: Adam (died age 16), Johannes (died age 14), Wynant, Isaac, and Bernardus.

Wynant remained in New York City and became very successful. He produced a large family of seventeen children, from whom Dwight Van Zandt, first president of the Van Zandt Society, and Arlene Williams, our first secretary, are descended.

Isaac married a Sarah Coe and disappeared from any records after 1737 in New Jersey. Some speculation remains as to whether or not he traveled south.

Bernardus married Betitje Laton and moved to Blawenburg, NJ. This marriage produced many descendants, some of whom settled in upper New York State, some in Missouri, Michigan, and perhaps in North and South Carolina.